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I have had a couple of requests from phpbb forums and other blogs to be able to use the pics that I work over with Adobe Creative Suite CS3 Design Premium and Comic Life from PLASQ. So I have decided that this blog is going to be more for promoting picture answers for posts. (No that doesn't mean I am giving up calling it as I see it. But thanks for the hate mail.) Feel free to use them in any forum you like for non commercial use. Please leave the cynicdotcomic blog address on them ( i make it as small as i can anyway) and point your friends here to gather the collection. If you have requests please leave a comment I will see what i can do. Sending pictures of your mom and sister to be doctored to their disgust is also acceptable.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Your Momma started this....

The obligatory call of the internet neanderthal. "Yo Momma". Congratulations for turning sounds that loosely constitute words into something that you seem to think is insulting. Considering that you are 9000 miles away from my mother and have only ever had sexual relations with yourself and possibly Fido and a jar of mayonaise, I would feel pretty safe putting money on the fact you haven't shagged her. Congratulations on getting your scarred knuckles high enough to pound something on the keyboard that gave birth to the need for spell check and birth control simultaneously.

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