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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Reverend Phelps Award

You know who this is for. That's right. The idiots that have had an intellect bypass of such efficiency that they have to call you a fag because they have used yo momma a lot and they somehow think that being accused of having an alternate sexual orientation is soul destroying. Reverend Phelps for those of you that don't know is Pastor of the website (I'm not linking it here. for those of you that want a course in religious bigotry, you can copy and paste into your browser) Hate filled little people that use God as an excuse because they are cowards. This award is for you brainwashed Sunday school rednecks.

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Robert Whitaker Sirignano said...

I often wonder how closeted the Rev Fred P. is, for him to ramble on and on about his "favorite" topic. Must suspect everything he sees.