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Friday, June 29, 2007

Wrasslin with da Family

Don't get me wrong. I think stuntmen are the unsung heroes of entertainment. The real ones that is. The ones behind the scenes or with their back to the camera. I think that the problem we have is with the ones that think they are superheroes. Spandex bags of wallnuts with the brains of slime mould and the braun of small tanks.

Take said jock and give them a script that would make Days of our young and restless bold and beautiful hospitals look like Hamlet. Get them to show the world hate is bad love is good through pretending to beat the hell out of echother (are you seeing where im going yet? If not may be where you need to be. They have chicks as well as dudes for you sexually insecure types) Better yet make sure that this violence solves everything fiction appeals to the audience that least understands the concept of it not being real. Namely kids and rednecks. Hell I enjoy seeing a good bit of violence on the screen or in dem dere videeuh gaymes. But handing a copy of rocky to a brain damaged redneck is only asking for trouble.

So what comes now? Psychological testing of all the freaks in the show? Nah. Business as usual. Doesn't happen often enough for it to be anything to do with injecting the juice of horse testicles into yourself 3 times a day "for the sake of the fans" never mind the presures of having to to stay employed as a human punching bag.

Hollywood will be licking their lips waiting to pounce on the rights to the B grade midday movie "Wrasslin with da Family" A gritty drama of a hero turned villain. No doubt it will be embellished with his wife being taken out with a choke slam and his son going out with a pile driver and in between scenes of him pacing the back yard talking to himself as if the camera isnt there. (Be a giggle if he asked for a microphone to speak to the fans huh?)
From reports it looks like a bit of religion was involved here. Never understood religion myself. Seems way too illogical. Read the good book, kill your family and give them a copy each after they are a little bit too dead to read it and then go hang yourself for good measure. Am I missing something here? Oh yeah the big point. Why does this idiot rate being talk of the town just because he liked to cuddle other guys while he wears lycra girdles? An idiot my Dad worked with set fire to his wife after he tied her to the bed. Didnt even make the news. Maybe because it wouldnt make good TV. Not enough OOH AHHHHHHHH OMGWTF?? factor in an unknown blue collar killing.

Just remember kids. Being newsworthy is based on being famous and then going Manson on people. Can't wait until Paris Hilton wigs out on Nicole. There is a lesson to be learned from this though. Dont worship people or gods. It only leads to heartache.

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