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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dawkins Vs God

I have been indulging lately. Books are my favourite mind snack. The good thing about anything from the pen of Richard Dawkins is that for the price of a small lunch you get a feast that can last on the reread and reference again for measures of weeks and months. Dripping with information and rational arguement, it isn't a case of too heavy to get the mind to swallow. His writing style gets you to open your own tangents that require the rereading of the book as a reference point for quenching the thirst.

It would seem that Dawkins has popularised and united athiests the world over withThe God Delusion. About time too. I think the religions of the world were getting a little too comfy with the false hope that the heathens had given up the fight. Well the fundamentalists of the world are still after everyones heads but i'm quite sure if they killed everyone else they would turn on eachother for a quick chance at 72 raisins of crystal clarity.

In the usual case of blunt ignorance the theists don't seem to look on the bright side of this surge of rational atheists. Some of us are picking up bibles for the first time in our lives to check out where the fairy tale comes apart. (we know it is from beginning to end, but scientific method requires that even the fairy tales be checked for validity). We are studying the teachings of all the major as well as the minor fringe cults. Don't the followers of the sky fairy see that all publicity is good publicity? While it isnt likely that either side will suffer casualties to the other, it has opened the floodgates for battling for the "souls" of future generations.It isn't hard to see why Pappa Benny has called for the Catholic Jihad on Richard. For those that don't know the Catholic Jihad involves making non believers do the sit, stand, kneel, spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch until you pass out from joint pain or motion sickness. Apparently not only shall God smite Richard but Satan will have a good time with him too. More likely that if Satan existed he would have a rational conversation with Richard on the moot point of God's existence.

My sources in the Vatican have said that Benny is looking at making the Catholic faith more "hip" to todays youth. Sorry Benny boy, but as much as you dress it up you cant make osteoporosis cool. Maybe considering getting the boys of the cloth to wear pants and take an interest in the opposite sex might get you closer to the mark? I mean look at Nicholas Cage as a priest in Face Off. He not only showed the mad face of religion. He made it look cool. Theres a lesson there Benny. Show some of the evil face of religion instead of denying it. You will all feel better for it. Of course not as good as you would feel if you got a real job. But it would be a start. Take it to mass on Sunday. Have a chat with the lads. Then call me we can do lunch. I'll invite Richard.


Julie S. said...

I would suggest you turn to god instead of the incarnation of Satan. Richard Dawkins wont be able to save you from God's judgement.


My policy of letting anyone state their opinion wont save me from spacktard bible thumpers like you either but I'm still sticking to it. Thanks for caring.